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Our story begins with a Bat. Like literally... one night a bat flew into our home and circled our living room!  In those moments we feared that bat. We knew so little about bats back then…


A short time later we dreamed up a plan for a brewery. The artist we worked with for our logo randomly drew a bat into the logo. It absolutely belonged there. We looked into the meaning of bats and learned so much.  


Instead of seeing the Bat as a symbol we should fear we learned that bats are believed to be a symbol of re-birth, intuition, dreaming and vision. Bats are nurturing creatures and they work together in communities. Bats are pretty bad ass! We trusted that the bats we were seeing were positive omens tied to the path we were about to embark on.


It was shortly after that we scraped every last penny together and took a gamble on our dreams. It wasn’t easy, but it’s been worth it! 


We take pride in the craft we have a passion for. Being a gathering place in our hometown is such a privilege. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to do what we love.


Thank you for indulging in our dreams, sharing our visions, and most of all thank you for keeping us happily employed.



Ryan & Erin

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