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You plan the party, we'll handle the beer.

Success! Message received. Our brewery staff will contact you shortly.

Please include if it is a Sanke or Corney keg

*Availability of beers listed below are not guaranteed*

Beer/ Style                         1/6 BBL                                1/2 BBL                    
(approx 5 Gallons/ 40 pints)               (approx 15 gallons/120 pints)    
Train Hopper American IPA          $60                                               $155                               
Three Kord Kolsch                        $60                                               $155
Defloured NEIPA                          $75                                               $175
Edward's Portly Brown Ale           $60                                               $155

Thrash Punk Coffee Kolsch           $60                                              $155
Bats In The Belfry Helles              $60                                               $155

Blueberry Lemonade Gose           $95                                               $210
Treat Yo Self-  coming soon!        $95                                               $210
Dames and the Giant Peach         $95                                               $210  
Night Fury Imperial Stout            $95                                               $210

Hop Cones of Dunshire NEIPA     $75                                               $175
Big Doedish DIPA                        $95                                               $210
Pumpkin Porter                            $60                                               $155

Keg Rules:
We will only fill customer-owned kegs. We will not fill any other brewery's keg nor will we fill a Micro-Star, Keg Credit, or other leased keg.  Adventures in Home brewing sells new and used kegs.
Customers borrowing one of our kegs: We are happy to lend you our keg for up to 72 hours. Please plan to bring the keg(s) back within 72 hours. We charge a $50 deposit for EACH keg borrowed and $30 per keg tapper.
Beer requested is subject to availability. Please allow up to 3 business days from request to fill (exceptions on a case to case basis). Please wait for confirmation of your request before you come to the brewery to fill or pick up your keg. If we can not fill the request we will call you to discuss alternative options. Kegs are pay at pickup.

Must be 21+ to purchase. ID Required.
Picnic Tap available on request for a $30 deposit
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