Keg Fill Requests

You plan the party, we'll provide the beer!

*Please include if it is a Sanke or Corney keg
*Beer requested is subject to availability
*Please allow up to 3 business days from request to fill (exceptions on a case to case basis)
*Please wait for confirmation of your request before you come to the brewery
to fill or pick up your keg.
*If we can not fill the request we will call you to discuss alternative options.
Pricing per keg size:
Tier 1 Fill $60 (1/6), $140 (1/2)
Tier 2 Fill $95 (1/6), $210 (1/2)
Kegs are paid for at Pick Up
Keg Rules:
We will only fill customer owned kegs. We will not fill any other breweries keg nor will we fill a Micro-Star, Keg Credit or other leased keg.  Adventures In Home brewing sells new and used kegs.
Customers borrowing one of our kegs; We are happy to lend you our keg for up to 72 hours. please plan to bring the keg(s) back within 72 hours. We will charge a $50 deposit for EACH keg borrowed and $30 per keg tapper.
Must be 21+ to purchase. ID  Required
$50 Deposit required if you are using one of our Kegs
Picnic Tap available on request for a $30 deposit

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