Seasonal Beers

Set the Mood

Thrash Punk

Spring & Fall

German-Style Kolsch with Fresh Local Roasted Coffee Beans Added

IBU: 20

ABV: 4.5%

Originating in Cologne Germany, Kolsch Ales are light in color and malt character, this style’s fermentation process yields a light bready malt character which is accompanied by a slightly dry, crisp finish.

We add fair trade, farmer direct roasted coffee beans from Hyperion Coffee Company in Ypsilanti, MI to give this beer an aggressive yet refreshing dose of coffee aroma and finish. Perfect for a lazy afternoon pick-me-up.

Midnight Train


Black IPA

ABV: 6.5%


A jet black, heavily hopped India Pale Ale brewed with a trifecta of Midnight Wheat, Chocolate, and roasted malts.

You Just Got Jammed

Fall to Early Winter

Imperial PB&J Milk Stout



Rich and decadent chocolate peanut butter flavor topped off with a smooth berry aroma.

Sweet Lou w/ Coffee


Milk Stout w/ Local Roasted Coffee Beans Added

ABV: 6.5%

A Sweet Stout brewed with dark chocolate malts and lactose to give it that heavy roasted rich flavors with a creamy chocolaty finish. We add fair trade, farmer direct roasted coffee beans from Hyperion Coffee Company in Ypsilanti, MI. Like a cold pressed cup of coffee with a splash of cream and 2 scoops of sugar.


Enjoy with roasted, grilled or seared meats with rich sauces or with a your favorite chocolate desert. Heck, enjoy it as your favorite desert!

Night Fury

Winter (occasionaly out other times around the year)

Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.5%


A massive imperial stout brewed with lactose and Molasses that’s dark as night! The base for our bourbon barrel aged variant Traxxx Night Fury and other popular bourbon barrel-aged Night Fury varietals.

Royal Rumble


Imperial Red Ale w/ Blood Orange

IBU: 65

ABV: 9.5%


Big malty red ale with a heavy dose of Chinook and Warrior hops brewed with Blood Oranges! Brewed to commemorate a legendary brawl in South Lyon several years ago under the towns lone stop light

Demon Cleaner


Belgian Tripel

ABV: 10.2%


Brewed with candy sugar and an authentic Trappist yeast strain, this golden ale is the perfect elixir to wash away any demons you may possess.


Originally brewed by Monks in the mountains of Beligium, this style is typically high octane and slightly malty sweet hiding its abv well. Aroma’s of banana and cloves are signature traits of this yeast strain and pair amazing well with old world flavors of basil, fresh pesto, mozzarella and rich tomato sauces.

Voice of the Turtle

Tigers Opening Day through the baseball season

"1984" Style Pilsner

IBU: 42

ABV: 5.3%

An Ernie Harwell Tribute beer, this light and crisp Czech-Style Pilsner hopped with Huell Melon hops has an endlessly fresh aroma of cantaloupe and citrus. Perfect to enjoy during the Tigers game. Dry and crushable with fresh lemon grass and melon tones this beer finishes light with a perfect amount of hop bittering to keep you grabbing the next sip. Let the Voice of the Turtle be heard throughout the land




ABV: 5.5%


Malty Lager brewed with German Malts and Hops

Pumpkin Porter


Spiced Porter

ABV: 7.0%

Robust Porter brewed with real Pumpkin and Spices

Angry Ginger Milk Stout


Milk Stout w/ Spices

ABV: 6.5%


Sweet stout brewed with lactose, cinnamon, ginger, and peppers.

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